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Ever since the first Europeans sailed to the East the 16th century, setting up trading posts and colonies, intermarriage has taken place with local populations.
This resulted in communities of people descended from two or more different cultures, variously referred to as Eurasians.
To varying degrees, these communities combined the customs, culture and food of both East and West creating unique cuisine that blended different culinary traditions.
Is a compilation of these recipes produced by four centuries of interaction between EAST-WEST Asian cuisine includes several major regional cuisines: Central Asian, East Asian, North Asian, East Asia, South Asian, Southeast Asian and West Asian.








All you can eat Asian


Ourlife Strategy

Been in this business from 2019.The management team collectively has 15 years’ experience between themselves.AT ‘EAST WEST Company’ we love food Our passion for providing amazing dining experiences permeates through all aspects of our service.With expertise gained from more than 15 years experience, we cater for all sizes and styles of functions.Including both public and private celebrations, weddings, corporate events, cocktail functions, and gala dinners.

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Our Management

Yasser Hassan
Administrative Manager

Yasser makes sure the catering Company is running smoothly, producing fantastic food for satisfied customers

Giorgia Prestopino
quality and development manager

Giorgia put years of experience to good use, to ensure that your function run exactly a you plan.

Do’aa Hassan

Do’aa takes care of all initial contacts with clients, completing all quotes for the function and menu plans.